i'm mario. don't ask if you can be the peach to me or whatever i already have several romantic "f/o's" and i'm not looking to expand my harem at the moment (i'm not even that interested in peach anymore but that's beside the point)

i like to consume media with dark themes. i do not romanticize said dark themes; i just like being edgy lol

i say swears and scream a lot through text

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE gtfo if you identify as a proshipper. i have had a lot of trauma with them, and i want to distance myself from the community (not to mention it's just straight-up weird sorry if you're publicly posting your vent drawings or whatever of two grossly paired characters fucking you're strange /neg)

i do a lot of infodumping holy shit i'm so sane

i am extremely self-indulgent (omfg i'm literally making a fnf mod with me and one of my romantic f/o's how much more selfish can you gettttttt)